Spent More Times in Your Home? We Need The Kind Of Apps Like These

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Do you love to stay more at your own home? Or are you a freelancer who spent mostly your times at home? Then you need to read about this article. The main idea of this article is to make you comfort when you stay in your place and reduce your stress, that’s it.

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Anyway, some of my friends also the freelancer, they have some clients to work together and sometimes meet up to discuss the project. Now, with the lifestyle like that, what you think should they have in their phones? Or what kind of apps should they have?

And here are things that came up to Motioncomputing mind…

First, The Manager & Scheduling App

In general, any office worker will do the job following their boss rules and their manager tasks, mostly they don’t need to schedule their own job in detail.

But if you are a freelancer, you need to have the “automatic alarm” which come from the phone. Yes that’s right. People always playing their phones, so the Apps will tell them the job correctly and in the perfect time.

I know we can use phone calendar to create a plan, but we need more features from the app. We also need an extra features such as the planner, pro calendar or also the personal organizer support, ex. Planner by Appxy.

If you have an android mobile gadget, ColorNote also offers many good features: Calendar, Reminders, Checklist, etc.

Scheduling plan is the most important homebody need to have, if you fail to manage it, you are in the dark!

All right, the most important aspect done, scheduling your job and task are the most important. Next, it’s time for your life!

Find an application that meet your hobby!

Game app is not your hobby, it is a general hobby people liked.

Music, painting, drawing, cooking etc are the real hobby.

You can choose any apps for you phone, make sure you enjoy playing the apps you installed. Lot of apps are free, piano apps, cooking apps, painting app and many more.

IF you’re not sure what kind of hobby, just think about something if you playing it you will be 1000% happy!

Now you already found the hobby, next install it to your phone and enjoy it.

Take a time to split your time between the working time and playing time.

Most people installs some entertainment apps only, in fact, the productivity apps also very important to have, YOU HAVE TO USE IT 100%.

Bottom line, both of 2 type of apps are MUST HAVE apps for someone who always spent most times at home.

Office worker can play with their friend at office, you can the same with your apps

Office worker can play the instrument with their friend, you can also play it with the apps

I know it’s looks crazy and bored, but trust me, for homebody like you, when you hold your phone and open up the app, you will enjoy it, trust me it’s work. See you in the next post folks!

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