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How to Make Your Wood Floor Look Like New

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My oak floorings are covered in scratches. Do I have to sand down to bare timber to remove them? Not necessarily. If the scratches don’t copulate with to the wood, you can scuff-sand your floorings with a buffer and also use a fresh layer or more of surface. The hardwood floor redecorating procedure is easier as well as less costly than sanding down to bare timber and takes less time. In a couple of hours your floors will certainly look like new and help you to makeover your house.

The job requires utilizing a buffer, which you can lease at a residence facility, as well as a vacuum cleaner to suck up dust. If you’ve never used a buffer in the past, technique in the center of the room till you get a feel for how to navigate it.

As soon as the coating is roughed up, we placed on a water-based polyurethane, which can be recoated in 3 hours. Oil-based polys are more affordable, yet each coat takes around 8 hrs to completely dry. With either surface, we recommend a fresh coat every two years or whenever the flooring looks worn. Adhere to that routine and your floorings will never ever wear.

hardwood flooring
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Clean The Floor

Get rid of all the furnishings, and spray the floor with a hardwood floor covering cleaner or your very own mix of 10 parts water to 1 part white vinegar. Delicately clean the floor with a terry-cloth mop or a towel wrapped around a wipe head. Shut the doors and windows to keep dust contained in the room you’re sanding.

Prepare the Border

Using 180-grit sandpaper, hand-sand the boundary of the area as well as any nooks that the barrier can’t reach. Scrub with the grain 4 to 6 inches out of the baseboard, persuading each board until the coating dulls and also a powder types. Do not utilize a fining sand block for refinishing wood– it could miss out on unequal places in the floor.

Scuff-sand the End up

Stick a maroon buffing pad to the barrier, and also place on a dust mask. Move the barrier back and forth throughout the flooring in the direction of the grain, overlapping each training course by 6 inches. The old coating resorts to powder as you go, so it’s simple to see the areas you have actually covered. Keep the barrier moving in all times, yet quit every 5 mins approximately as well as vacuum the pad.

Vacuum and also Tack

Leave the room for 10 to 15 minutes to let the powder settle. Put a clean filter in the vacuum cleaner, as well as move the floor using a felt-bottomed attachment. Work in line with the flooring strips, then sweep across them to get any powder that cleared up in between the boards. Finally, dry-tack the floor with a microfiber towel pressed with the grain.

Cut in Along the Side

Cover your footwear with booties and also your nose as well as mouth with a respirator that has organic vapor containers. Stress the surface via a cone filter right into a tidy plastic watering can, minus a sprinkler head, after that pour some stretched coating into a tiny plastic container. Brush a 3-inch-wide red stripe next to the walls at a factor farthest from your leave door. You’ll have lap marks if the edge of the stripe starts to dry, so stop after 10 minutes as well as go to the next step.

Turn out the Poly

our out a 1-inch-wide red stripe of finish according to the grain– just as long as you can spread in 10 minutes. Using a long-handled roller with a 1/4-inch nap cover, turn out the do with the grain, then throughout it. Overlap each pass as well as job swiftly to keep a damp side. After 10 mins, brush more surface along the edge, after that put as well as roll again for 10 minutes. Proceed until the flooring is covered. Wait 3 hrs before recoating as well as a week before returning furnishings.

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