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Cloud Computing: The Easy Management VS The Security

Do you still remember about the Apple icloud account security issues? it was crazy because Apple is known as one of the most stronger brands in securing their consumers, but then something happens to them, the security is watched by someone who loves to break the security!

cloud computing

I will not explore more about Apple issues, but I want to focus on Cloud Computing system. This is what Motion Computing think about the Cloud Computing System, hope it useful for you.

The Benefit and The Lacks of using Cloud Computing.

I still remember when I was in college several years ago, maybe in 2000-2003 when cloud computing is not yet so popular. I always bought my USB drive to work with my files, from the word file, movie, song files everything stored fine on my USB. But today, more than 50% of my files placed on the Cloud Computing apps such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

I like to use the Cloud system because I can work anytime, anywhere without bringing my storage device. I also can access all of my files via my mobile phone or tablet. In general, it’s easy to manage the files with Cloud Computing.

The good thing from the old school style of storage is you are able to work anytime and anywhere as long as you have your USB storage, just put it the storage to your device and you are set. The internet connection is not required!

But, if your USB drive is left at your home, you need to call your family and asking to give it to you.

The classic storage also little bit have some problems with the management system, I mean you need to back up your files. When your primary device is broken, you already have the backup.

In fact, it’s not easy to explain between both of storage but in my opinion:

Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage are great for you who need a simple way to manage and access the files. While the physical storage is perfect for someone who needs to work personally and don’t have any issue with internet access.

But, the Cloud system is the target of the breaker. Don’t store important files/data at here, but if you need it, please use the strong password or file protection system.

Physical storage is still awesome for me, but I need to create a backup for each my important files, it’s mean I need to spend more money for a new device. The most frustrating experience of using physical storage is you have to update each of your back-ups, or you will be crazy because of the files update history.

As the motioncomputing admin, I still use my physical storage to store my entertainment files and few of my important data. The Cloud Computing and Storage used for my tasks/jobs files especially for the files who used for multiple people.

So, if you need a practical system, Cloud Computing with easy management file feature is still the best…

But, if you feel you are so scared because of the hacker habits, then the storage and physical storage is the perfect device for you. Don’t forget to have a backup!

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Spent More Times in Your Home? We Need The Kind Of Apps Like These

Do you love to stay more at your own home? Or are you a freelancer who spent mostly your times at home? Then you need to read about this article. The main idea of this article is to make you comfort when you stay in your place and reduce your stress, that’s it.

apple iphone app home management

Anyway, some of my friends also the freelancer, they have some clients to work together and sometimes meet up to discuss the project. Now, with the lifestyle like that, what you think should they have in their phones? Or what kind of apps should they have?

And here are things that came up to Motioncomputing mind…

First, The Manager & Scheduling App
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