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ashleyGood day everyone, my name is Ashley, The Motion Computing site owner. I’m a friendly sort of lady who likes nothing more than knitting and baking. The first thing people often notice about me is my friendly smile, closely followed by my funny personality.

I am a San Francisco based interior designer, mainly designing for houses and restaurants. I have more than five years of commercial and residential experience. I have worked with top interior design firms, including in San Francisco, New York, and London. I hold a degree from the San Francisco Art Institute and have studied an art minor in London. Over the past decade, I have brought my eclectic style to a variety of projects and multiple countries, including bars and restaurants in San Francisco.

My designs have been featured in some magazines such as NYC&G, where I was profiled as a ‘rising star’ in the design community. I draw inspiration from a variety of professional, cultural, and artistic contexts, which I blend into my own unique eclectic style.

I love design and live for it. My biggest design secret is that people should learn the rules, but at the end, learn to break them! Breaking the rules for me means really listening to my instinct. As an example, when I am installing painting or artworks, I don’t really measure or plan where do I want to put it. I will usually just hang them based on my eye and instinct. Sometimes it can be challenging to believe your gut feeling, but I’ve learned it from my experience that every time I trust my instinct, it never lies.

Love, Ashley.